Guitar Lessons In Boston - Beginner Through Advanced

guitar instructor Brant Grieshaber
"I've never been so fascinated with private lessons." -Scott

Gutiar lessons should be an enjoyable challenge. If you're looking for a guitar teacher in Boston, whether your dream is to strum your first chords, improvise like Wes Montgomery, write a great prog-rock tune, or be the next Segovia, the learning environment Brant provides at his studio in the South End is one that encourages you while stretching you to achieve more than you thought you could. He caters to all levels, from complete beginners to other performing musicians.

Beginning guitarists, you will develop a solid foundation in technique and concepts while learning the tunes you want to play. If you're taking more advanced guitar lessons, you'll learn how to overcome roadblocks in developement, deepen your understanding of the instrument and of music, and come to see the guitar as a beginner does - full of potential.

Regardless of level, Brant focuses a good deal of attention on "how" to practice, not just what to practice, and on developing a unique curriculum for each student. Everyone also has access to a professional recording studio for any projects they may wish to share.


That's right! Brant teaches guitar lessons via Skype. If you're not in the greater Boston area, you can enjoy taking guitar lessons with him online if you have a Skype account and a webcam. Skype guitar lessons are offered in 30 minute sessions. Please click here for more information.

•guitar lessons in Boston near the Prudential Center
•most styles, theory & composition
•all levels - beginner through advanced
•60, 45, and 30 minute guitar lessons
•free parking!
•outstanding credentials
Godin Guitars Artist Endorser
JazzKat Amplifers Endorser

Students have traveled from as far as England, El Salvador, and South Africa to take guitar lessons in Boston with Brant. In addition to several beginning guitar players, many Berklee students and professionals study with him. Find out why!

His teaching studio is conveniently located in the South End of Boston. There are T and bus stops within walking distance and parking is available behind the building.

"I get more out of these guitar lessons than I've gotten out of any private instruction in the past." -Stephen

Kung Fu Guitar!??

tai chi guitar

But seriously... With over 30 years of experience in music and 15 years practicing tai chi chuan, Brant has discovered many similarities which are extremely beneficial for guitar students of any level or style. The way a person approaches practicing makes a tremendous difference in the results.

Some of the concepts from tai chi that are incorporated in his guitar lessons are posture, mental and physical relaxation, economy of motion, breathing, and an understanding of body mechanics. His fusion of tai chi based principles and techniques with a more traditional approach to guitar lessons essentially helps your practicing become more effective and rewarding.