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EarMaster - Eartraining Program and Files

Download: EarMaster - ear training software

Please note that you will need EarMaster Pro in order to make full use of the tutors.

Following is a list of custom "tutors" designed to help you get the most out of eartraining with EarMaster. Each tutor is a collection of several lessons each in recognizing:

•Chord quality
•Inversions of chords
•Chord Progressions

Important installation information!

(In other words, you really should read this before downloading.)

You will be prompted for your username to Brant's student resource site when you attempt to download each file. They can also be downloaded directly from that site.These files need to be unzipped. You can then open them from within EarMaster. If you wish to keep it in the same location as the defaul EarMaster tutors, that location varies depending on the operating system. The basic path is:


EarMaster Tutors

1st Movement
•Intervals of the major scale.
•Major and minor triads.
•Perfect and Plagal cadences.
•Melodies in major with a range of a P5.

2nd Movement
•Intervals of the natural minor scale.
•Diminished triad and 7th chords.
•Inversions of major and minor triads.
•Perfect cadences of up to 4 chords.
•Melodies in minor with a range of a P5.

3rd Movement - Pentatonic Interlude
•Intervals of all major and minor pentatonic scales.
•Melodies using all major and minor pentatonic scales with a range of an octave.

4th Movement
•All chromatic intervals up to an octave.
•Augmented, sus4, -7b5, and °7 chords.
•Inversions of dim triad with maj, min, and aug.
•Identifying all diatonic chords.
•Modes of the major scale.
•Melodies in major and minor with a range of an octave.

5th Movement
•Intervals up to major 10th.
•Chords with 9ths.
•Inversions of maj7 and 7 chords.
•Secondary dominants.
•Modes of the melodic minor scale.
•Melodies using modes of the major scale.