Guitar Lessons In Boston - Recordings

Impressions Of Brouwer

Estudios Sencillos 18
improvisation on Omaggio a Piazzolla
Estudios Sencillos 6
improvisation on Estudios Sencillos 2

Jazz Improv & Chord Melody

Whipser Not (Brant Grieshaber Trio)
How Insensitive (Brant Grieshaber Trio)
Days Of Wine And Roses (Boston Jazz Quartet)

Rock Improvisation

Joe's (Hopeful Monsters)
Thaw (Hopeful Monsters)

Classical Guitar

Cadiz (solo)
Morning (solo)

Original Compositons

Fresh Air (Ra Quintet)
Triple Flip (Ra Quintet)

Folk/Jazz Fusion

Paint The Fence (Daniel Bennett Group)


Recent Discography

Since 2005, in addition to playing on various smaller scale recordings, Brant has been the principal guitarist on the following albums:

"Travelers" - The Hopeful Monsters

"Impressions Of Brouwer, Vol. 1: Estudios Sencillos & Nuevos Estudios Sencillos" - Brant Grieshaber

"Impressions Of Brouwer, Vol. 2: Electrified Etudes" - Brant Grieshaber & Company

"Inexhaustible West" - The Hopeful Monsters

"Ra Quintet" - Ra Quintet

"Live At The Theater" - Daniel Bennett Group

"In The Beginning" - Ra Quintet

"The Legened Of Bear Thompson" - Daniel Bennett Group

"When Comes Ice Cream?" - JK And The Servomatics

"Rising Energy" - The Brant Grieshaber Trio

"Brant Grieshaber" - solo

"Hopeful Monsters" - Hopeful Monsters

"Brant communicates his knowledge through lessons tailored to my goals. This ability to build a lesson plan around where I want to go is evidence of his great teaching ability." -Phil


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