Guitar Lessons - From The Horse's Mouth

Well, Brant hasn't tried teaching horses, but here's what some of his students say about taking guitar lessons with him:

"I've made more progress as a guitar player in the 6 months I've been taking lessons with Brant than I have in the past 5 years." -Josh

"Brant has achieved that delicate balance between musicianship and instruction that allows lessons to be more of an interactive exchange. This is such an encouraging way to learn." -Janelle

"I've never been so fascinated with private lessons." -Scott

"I get more out of these guitar lessons than I've gotten out of any private instruction in the past." -Stephen

"Brant's tai chi traning and philosophy brings a refreshing dimension to lessons. I feel rejuvenated about playing and excited to wrap my brain around theory with his teachings." -Alan

"Brant communicates his knowledge through lessons tailored to my goals. This ability to build a lesson plan around where I want to go is evidence of his great teaching ability." -Phil

guitar method book

Can't Get To Boston?

Brant has a strong belief that video lessons don't go very far, but that a good book can travel across the country pretty well.

His first method book, "The Ultimate Guitarist's Survival Guide", is primarily written for the intermedate/advanced student who has a serious interest in improvisation and technique.

Brant is currently writing an introductory method book, although if the amount of time that went into "The Ultimate Guitarist's Survival Guide" is any indication, it will probably be a few years before it's published.


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